Video #1: 
Finding Your Purpose in Life & Mission
Video #2: 
Discovering Your Destiny
Video #3: 
Creating a Plan to Reach Your Dreams
Video #4: 
Take Action to Manifest Your Mission
Here's EVERYTHING You Get!!
  •  Week 1:  Where Do I Even Begin with LIFE DESIGN?
  • ​Week 2:  What is a Life Compass and How to Use One
  • ​Week 3:  Tools for Wayfinding: How to Get UNSTUCK
  • ​Week 4:  Take ACTION - Let's Get Started!
  • ​Week 5:  Design the Destination - Are you SURE you know? 
  • ​Week 6:  How to Fail Forward and CONQUER Fear
  • ​Week 7:  Picking Your TEAM
  • ​Week 8:  Choosing Joy!
  • Mid-Week FAMILY LESSONS & Activities
  • ​Abundant Resources and Tools for Every Single Step
  • ​HOMEWORK!!  Action Plans and Accountability to Make Sure This Is NOT "Just Another Program"
  • Facebook Community for Support on the Journey
  • Direct Email Access to Pamela for the FULL 8 Weeks!!
  • ​Weekly Workbooks to Track Your Work and Planning
  • ​Special Apps and Resources to Automate Your Path
YES, Pamela, Show Me How to Manifest My Destiny!
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